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Are you doing enough to ensure your teeth and gums will be safe for the future? How well is your oral health care going? Listed below are important questions to ask yourself for improving your oral health:

– Are you actively staying away from potential oral health risks such as mouth jewelry?
– Are you making sure to use the correct habits when brushing and flossing daily?
– Are you routinely attending your regular checkups and professional cleanings with your dentist?
– Are you making sure to use oral health care goods that have been recommended or approved by your dentist or feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance given out by the American Dental Association?
– Are you avoiding snacks that can chip and crack your teeth, including hard candies?
– Are you evading cavity-causing products such as sodas and sugary sweets?
– Are you always storing your toothbrush in a safe space that is free from contamination?
– Are you aware of your dental history?

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