Would you like to see some dazzling smiles created by our Dr. Wayne W. Hsieh? Please browse our smile gallery to see how our renowned dentist in Garden City, New York, has helped his patients achieve their dream smiles that are healthy, functional and beautiful. For more information about our dentist and our treatment options, please feel free to contact us today at Designer Smiles Dentistry by calling 516-280-4020. We are eager to take care of your smile!

Case 1: Full Mouth Reconstruction


The patient was extremely dental phobic and didn’t go see the dentist for years. She presented with multiple cavities, missing teeth, and a poor bite. After a full upper arch reconstruction and partial lower arch reconstruction with crowns and bridges, the patient regained confidence in smiling and chewing again.


Case 2: All-Porcelain Crowns


The patient came in with several cavities under existing composite fillings in multiple front teeth. The patient desired a more aesthetic smile. After removing all the existing composite fillings and cavities, the teeth were rebuilt and restored with 5 all-porcelain crowns. The patient was very satisfied with the final result.


Case 3: All-Porcelain Crowns


This patient presents with a medical condition called Barrett’s esophagus, which resulted in severe erosion of his teeth due to acid reflux. He received all-porcelain crowns on all of his upper teeth to restore anatomy, function, and aesthetics to his smile.


Case 4: Implant-Supported Dentures


The patient had several ill-fitting top dentures before arriving at our office. She also had multiple hopeless teeth needing extractions. Dr. Hsieh removed the hopeless teeth and placed two dental impants to stabilize the denture. Now she can eat properly and smile again.


Case 5: Implant Supported Dentures


The patient presented with ill-fitting dentures that he could not use. Dental implants were placed and the patient was restored with implant retained overdentures. He is very pleased with the look and function of his new teeth.


Case 6: Clear Correct and Zoom! Whitening



The patient is a professional make-up artist and wants to look her best at all times. She had relapsed from a previous orthodontic treatment, with complaint of crooked front teeth. After treatment with clear braces and Zoom! teeth whitening, the patient can smile with confidence again.