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Cavities are the result of bacterial tooth decay compromising a local area of tooth enamel. They are often the aftereffect of a chip or poor oral hygiene practices. Without timely treatment, the bacterial presence will inevitably spread through the tooth, compromising more tooth enamel, and threatening the health of the tooth.

With early detection, a small filling can often be repaired by the dental specialists at Designer Smiles Dentistry’s Garden City, New York clinic with a standard composite or amalgam filling.

The process starts with a thorough examination of the decayed tooth. This will might include taking some X-rays to make sure the decay hasn’t penetrated the sensitive internal structures of the tooth.

After numbing the area with an injection of Novocain, your dentist will use a drill to carefully remove all decayed tooth enamel. The material we advocate for the filling will be based on the tooth’s location and its visibility in your smile.

Amalgam is made from a blend of dental-grade metals that are dark in color. This doesn’t make them a good choice for repairing a cavity that’s visible in your smile. For these types of cavities our dentists will often turn to composite fillings. This is a special resinous plastic that can be shaded to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel. This makes it a good option for repairing a tooth that’s visible in your smile.

If you live in the Garden City, New York area and you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should call 516-280-4020 to seek timely treatment at Designer Smiles Dentistry’s clinic.